Thai food is founded on simple ingredients from fresh fish and vegetables, rice and aromatic herbs and spices. At The Cooking Academy we teach you how to use these ingredients to make a selection of popular Thai foods as enjoyed by Thai people themselves.

Thai cuisine is famous all over the world and renowned for its wonderfully complex flavours, blending sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy tastes to create a wealth of harmonious and mouth-watering dishes. It brings together the best of both fresh and dry spices, with food seasoning and preparation being just as important, and often taking longer than, the cooking itself. Our Thai cooking classes give you the chance to explore the textures, colours and flavours of this unique eastern cuisine.

We begin with a comprehensive spice trail which looks at the various herbs and spices used in Thai and Asian cuisine. You will then go on to make a number of dishes in increasing complexity; such as the ever popular Thai green and curries, prawn and sesame toast, jasmine rice, fish cakes, pad thai and soups.

With a maximum of six people per Thai cooking classes, this one day experience will give you the opportunity to have hands on experience, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with lots of tips on general cooking and one to one time with the chef. ABOUT US CLASS SCHEDULE CORPORATE EVENT RESERVATION CONTACT RECIPE THAICOOKING CLASS

Can be tailored to be vegetarian, vegan and gluten free

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372 Sri Ayudhya Road, Thanon Phyathai Rajthevi, Bangkok 10400